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Seating plan ideas
In order to make their seating plan fun, couples invent all sorts of concepts... Here are some ideas!
Cost of a wedding in Switzerland
On average, Swiss couples spend between 30 and 40,000 francs for a wedding with 40 to 70 guests (according to FSO, 2020).
Gifts for your wedding guests
If you are looking for the perfect gift, we have collected some ideas that will certainly please your guests.
The different wedding ceremonies
3 forms of celebrations can be distinguished, and often complement each other: the civil, religious and secular ceremony.
The after-wedding brunch

Do you want to prepare a brunch on the day after your wedding for the guests who sleep over?

Wedding witness roles & responsibilities

You have been chosen as a wedding witness? Congratulations! But what does this really mean?

Ma mission

As a Wedding Planner, it would be my absolute pleasure to guide you in organising your wedding ceremony or any other event, whether you are initiating or wrapping up the preparations.