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Woui-planner-Cost of a wedding in Switzerland

Cost of a wedding in Switzerland

On average, Swiss couples spend between 30 and 40'000 francs, without taking into account clothes, rings and honeymoon, for a wedding of 40 to 70 guests (according to the OFS, 2020). Below, we have detailed the main expenses for a wedding, giving a price range, based on a hundred providers in French-speaking Switzerland. Of course, each wedding is unique and this is only an average to help you anticipate.

Venue | CHF 300 - CHF 10'000    

Woui-planner - Coût d'un mariage en Suisse - Lieux

The venue can be rented in part or exclusively, for one or more days, with or without room rental. The price also varies according to the type of venue chosen. From a mountain chalet to a castle or an open-air tent, the bill will differ completely. Also, some couples choose different venues for the ceremony, the aperitif and the meal.

Here are the possible costs to foresee: 

  • Venue rental (Ceremony, Aperitif, Meal)        
  • Equipment rental (Tent, furniture, tablecloths, etc.)
  • Room/s    

Meals and drinks | CHF 100 - 250 /pp

Woui-planner - Coût d'un mariage en Suisse - Traiteur

The caterer is usually the main expense of a wedding. An external caterer, on a location in kind with the necessary infrastructure and personnel can be expensive. A foodtruck can be an original and less expensive option, as the vehicle usually contains all the necessary equipment.

Here are the possible expenses to foresee: 

  • Tasting of the meal (sometimes offered by the caterer)
  • Aperitif | Vin d’honneur        
  • Wedding menu    
  • Dessert | Mignardises    
  • Wedding cake             
  • Drinks (aperitif + meal + bar)        
  • Corkage fee (price charged if you choose to bring your own bottle of wine in an establishment)
  • Breakfast or brunch the next day   

Music & animation | CHF 500 - CHF 5'000

Woui-planner - Coût d'un mariage en Suisse - Animation
Here are the possible costs to foresee:

  • Band / Musicians / DJ | from CHF 300 to 3'000
  • Major of table | from CHF 1'500 to CHF 4'500
  • Celebrant, lay officiant | from CHF 500 to CHF 1'500
  • Photo Booth | from CHF 500 to CHF 1'000 
  • Performers (dancers, singers, actors, artists, etc.)    
  • Technical equipment (microphone, speakers, beamer, screen...

Photographer | CHF 1'500 - CHF 6'000

Woui-planner - Coût d'un mariage en Suisse - Photographe

The rates differ according to the number of hours spent and, among others, the following selected services: 

  • Couple's photo session 
  • Civil wedding (a few hours)
  • Full day wedding
  • Travel in Switzerland or abroad
  • Film / trailer / wedding teaser
  • Albums and boxes 
  • Photobooth 
  • etc. 

Flowers & decoration | CHF 1'500 - CHF 5'000

Woui-planner - Coût d'un mariage en Suisse - Fleurs

Here are the possible expenses to be foreseen:

  • Decoration of the room(s) (civil, church, reception room, aperitif, meal)
  • Bride's bouquet & groom's buttonhole        
  • Bouquets for the bridesmaids 
  • Flowers for the car, the welcome board, the cake, the ceremony arch, etc

Stationery | CHF 5 - 20 /pp

Woui-planner - Coût d'un mariage en Suisse - Papeterie

Here are the possible expenses to foresee:

  • Save the date cards    
  • Invitation cards    
  • Thank you cards 
  • Table plan / table numbers / place cards
  • Menu / bar cards         
  • Guest book    
  • Postage stamps    
  • Directional signs

Transportation | CHF 500 - CHF 1'500  

Woui-planner - Coût d'un mariage en Suisse - Transport

  • Rental car (for your arrival) 
  • Transfers / Transportation / Parking   

Official & religious | CHF 250 - CHF 3'000

Woui-planner - Coût d'un mariage en Suisse - Officiel et religieux

It all depends on whether you choose an official or licensed venue. Approved venues for civil weddings, such as castles, can cost several hundred francs to rent. Also, the cost of a simple marriage contract is not the same as if you hire a notary to draw up an inheritance agreement. 

Here are the possible costs to foresee:

  • Room rental for the civil marriage    
  • Administrative documents 
  • Notary

Wedding Planner | CHF 2'500 - CHF 8'000

Woui-planner - Coût d'un mariage en Suisse - Wedding Planner

There are several packages available from wedding planners: partial organization, complete organization or D-day. The organizer lets the bride and groom choose, and they often wish to contribute to the organization, which reduces the costs.

Others | CHF 500 - CHF 1'500


  • Wedding website | from CHF 0 to 1'500      
  • Gifts to guests | from CHF 150 to 500   
  • Babysitter | between CHF 15 & 30/hour     
  • Dance lessons | between CHF 60 & 120/hour for two


Ideally, a mini budget (1% of the budget) should also be set aside for unforeseen events, good hands, deliveries and others.

We do not have statistics for the following categories. It all depends on whether couples order abroad or buy from a professional in Switzerland who makes custom-made products. 

Beauty & jewelry

  • Wedding rings
  • Wedding dresses        
  • Civil status dress 
  • Groom's suit          
  • Bride's accessories (veil, jewelry, lingerie, bag, etc.)        
  • Groom's accessories (vest, belt, suspenders, hat, etc.)    
  • Hair, make-up & other styling (care, nails, eyelashes, extensions, etc.)  


  • Destination    
  • New passports

Ma mission

As a Wedding Planner, it would be my absolute pleasure to guide you in organising your wedding ceremony or any other event, whether you are initiating or wrapping up the preparations.