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The after-wedding brunch

Do you want to prepare a brunch on the day after your wedding for the guests who sleep over? Or are you simply planning to extend the party but you don't know how to handle the buffet yourself? We're sharing our after-wedding brunch ideas so that you can enjoy your guests’ presence for a bit longer! 

Following the feast of the day before, guests with sensitive stomachs will prefer a fresh, simple and light buffet. Also, brunch is usually held around noon, so that guests can get some sleep in the morning.

Homemade Brunch 

You are tempted to make a home-made brunch for your guests? Think of suggesting this idea to your mother/father or mother/father-in-law who will certainly be happy to manage this part. Because let's face it, it's complicated to take care of the buffet yourself, to pick up your orders in the morning and to set up everything. However, everything depends on the number of guests. Up to 25-30 people and if everything is planned down to the last detail, you could consider, with help, doing it yourself. Beyond that, we advise you to use a caterer or an outside service.

If you do it at home, remember to have a sufficient stock of dishes and cutlery for the next day. Also, prepare the tables, the supports (baskets, dishes, utensils) and the decoration (vases, flowers, panels, pallets, etc.) at least a few weeks before.

Finally, below, we have put together a list of ideas for dishes and ingredients, along with some tips, so that you can organize your wedding brunch with a masterful hand. 

Do it yourself!



Bread Braids, baguettes and other breads

Order from the local baker / Mini croissants, chocolate bread, Berlin balls, bread pudding, mini-donuts, grape bread, etc.

Pancake, waffle or crepe stand

Make the dough in advance / Provide the machines for this purpose / Appoint someone to bake them in front of the guests

Cupcakes, savory or sweet cakes

Make in advance and let cool / or order from a baker



Dishes to order


Commander chez le boulanger du coin / Mini-croissants, pains au chocolat, boules de Berlin, pains au lait, mini-donuts, pains aux raisins, etc.

Cheese Plates

Make a selection at a local cheese shop

Charcuterie Plates

Make your choice at a local butcher

Meat for an outdoor BBQ

Order from your butcher as well



Ingredients to buy

Bread complements

Opt for home-made jams, local honey, butter and other spreads

Sweet side dishes

Maple syrup, melted chocolate, sugar, lemon, honey, etc. / Buy in advance and serve in your own jars for a homemade effect

Savory side dishes 

Eggs, avocados, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, etc. / Buy as late as possible to have fresh products

Yogurt and cereals

Create a display of small jars of yogurt and several varieties of cereals

Fresh fruit

Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, figs, etc. / Order and pick up one-two days before / Plan to cut them up to make it easier for guests / Prepare small jars


Fresh juice, milk, tea / Coffee machine / Champagne can also make a difference

Other surprises

Macaron wall, donut displays, ...



Catering brunch or food truck

However, if you would like to relax the day after your wedding and enjoy the brunch with your guests, it may be a good idea to hire a professional. A caterer will be able to propose beautiful ideas and original concepts, matching the theme of your wedding. He will take care of everything: dishes, buffet, replenishment, service, etc.

Similarly, food trucks are also an interesting option in terms of budget and are THE trend of the moment. Indeed, these small trucks that move where you want are very practical because they come with all their equipment and avoid a complicated organization. Consider booking months in advance because the good ones are very popular. From poke bowls, healthy juices, sweet or savory crepes, the food trucks, vintage or bohemian-chic, will add a nice atmosphere to your brunch. 


Country, chic, floral, bohemian, there are as many brunch decoration possibilities as you can think of ... Pinterest is the place to get ideas. You'll find beautiful buffet arrangements ... between wooden pallet table designs, juice dispensers, fruit baskets, flowers hanging in bottles, chalkboards with the menu, signs for different side dishes, coffee bar, and more!


Next day's outfit

Yesterday was your big day with the beautiful dress! The following day, you also want to make a splash at the brunch - perhaps with a more sober dress? Our opinion leans towards long and plain white dresses, close to the body. Indeed, you should treat yourself because you will not often have other opportunities to wear a long white dress ... You could also use the dress you wore the day of your civil wedding? It's up to you, but don't spend too much money, you will certainly find your happiness at Mango, Zalando, ASOS or La Redoute, to name a few.  

Ma mission

As a Wedding Planner, it would be my absolute pleasure to guide you in organising your wedding ceremony or any other event, whether you are initiating or wrapping up the preparations.