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Woui-planner-Partial service planning

Partial service planning.

Our collaboration is as flexible as you want it to be. If you have already ventured into planning and just looking for some advice, I am gladly assisting you. 

You can, for instance, invest your energy into the most beautiful experiences, like finding the perfect wedding dress and suit, concentrate on sorting the guest list, preparing your speech, thus leaving the other rushes of organising to me. 

In a nutshell, I am available to clarify all your questions, doubts, or wishes and will be happy to provide you with personalised service, even if you only have a few spare hours. 


Support on

I have created, a wedding directory so that you can find yourself the service providers of your dream, through 16 categories in Switzerland, from the ceremony venue to the caterer and the photographer. Moreover, I am at your disposal to help you in your research or planning through chat or email.


The platform in a few words is a Swiss Directory of event providers 100% free for couples, whether a wedding, civil union, civil solidarity pact, secular ceremony, or a party. You can get an overview of the providers complementing your budget. Pick your favourite providers up from the directory, contact them for free using the form and then access the chat to schedule a meeting and discuss all the details! Furthermore, thanks to a personalised platform. You can manage your guest list, personalise your to-do list, plan your budget and save your favourite providers.

Ma mission

As a Wedding Planner, it would be my absolute pleasure to guide you in organising your wedding ceremony or any other event, whether you are initiating or wrapping up the preparations.